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On the Day Entry Process

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Our on the day entry process works using your mobile device and couldn't be more simple.   No more scrambling around for paper and pens!

All you need to do is, before you travel to the event, go to your App Store and download the FinishTime Passport app.

Once downloaded, open the app and click on the info button at the bottom. 

DO NOT click on the races button, this is not needed and should not be used.

Fill in your details on the info screen, the only fields we need completed are First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Club Name (if applicable).

Thats all you need to do.  You will see at the top that you can add other people, so if there are 2 of you entering (or more), you can enter the details of each entrant.

When you arrive at the race, just open the app and click on the QR code button at the bottom.  Show this QR code at the on the day registration desk, they will scan it, give you a race number and take payment, either contactless or cash are accepted.  It's that simple!!




We will also have the old fashion pen and paper entries available.

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